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Fink setup for Xcode

And now, for something a little different.

I haven’t used fink and fink packages much, lately, since I now have a work-issue laptop with Linux. I just tried to install octave with fink, and it complained:
Can't resolve dependency "xcode (>= 3.1.2)" for package "gcc47-4.7.0-1001" (no matching packages/versions found)
Even after re-running fink configure, the error persisted. And I did have the latest Xcode installed from the Mac App Store. Turns out, one needs to do:
sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/

That tells fink where Xcode resides.

I have used a Mac since grad school, when Apple introduced Mac OS X, and gave free development tools. So, I used fink to install all the open source software I needed for analysis, after being rendered unable to work several times when my Internet connection went down and my copy of Matlab could not talk to the license server. I even used it for analysis and writing papers in my postdoc.