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NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition

One of the new products announced along with CUDA 5 at the recent GPU Technology Conference was NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition, which runs on Linux and Mac OS X. Previously, the only IDE available was Nsight Visual Studio which ran only on Windows.

I attended the demo talk for Nsight Eclipse, and it seemed a well thought out product. It gives access to all running threads on all cores, optimization suggestions, debugging interface, etc. Plus the usual Eclipse features like refactoring, build, version control. Watch the video:

Nsight Eclipse Edition is distributed as a pre-built binary, i.e. you can't just point Eclipse to a new software source. And, you have to be in the registered developer program to get access to the download.

Once you install the CUDA Toolkit, say in CUDAHOME=/usr/local/cuda, the nsight executable is in ${CUDAHOME}/libnsight.