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Exchange email support for Evolution on Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail

First, a little personal update: I have just left Wake Forest University, and joined Drexel University as a senior systems administrator in charge of the high performance computing University Research Computing Facility.

There are some dependencies which have not been properly encoded into the Exchange MAPI plugin for Evolution in Ubuntu 13.04. To get MAPI support, you must install: evolution-mapi and python-samba.

I was not able to get Exchange MAPI to work with Drexel's Exchange server: the issue was during the authentication step. However, using Exchange Web Services works. This uses Exchange's web service, which presents all the data in XML. To use this, the evolution-ews package has to be installed. Then, for the Host URL, use the usual web access address, appended with /EWS/Exchange.asmx So, if the webmail address is the Host URL for Evolution will be

UPDATE: There is a bug in the exchange-ews package: there is an issue with sending mail. To fix, edit the the file in  ~/.config/evolution/mail/sources/  that contains a line that starts "Email=", and change it to