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Fireship YouTube: Serverless was a big mistake... says Amazon


“Amazon Prime Video released an article explaining how they saved 90% on cloud computing costs by switching from microservices to a monolith. Let's examine the details of their software architecture and find out why serverless was a bad choice.”


Amazon cloud computing for HPC

ArsTechnica has a nice article about the suitability of the Amazon cloud for High Performance Computing. I had linked to two previous stories about HPC clusters built on Amazon EC2. In short, Amazon EC2 tends to be better suited to embarrassingly parallel code where there is not much inter-node communication. This leaves out applications like finite-element simulations and molecular dynamics simulations. They mention R Systems which specialize in renting out Infiniband-connected clusters: Infiniband offers low latency, high speed connections.


50k-core supercomputer on Amazon EC2

Remember this previous story about a 30k-core Amazon EC2 cluster? Well, that's been topped. ArsTechnica reports that a company called Schrödinger ran a 50k-core Amazon EC2 instance for 3 hours to work on a cancer drug research problem. The cost was about $4800/hour. Actual deployment was handled by Cycle Computing. Cycle Computing also deployed the 30k-core cluster in the previous story.