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Creating a systemd-based service for FlexLM lmgrd license manager daemon

This is a short post on how to set up a systemd-based service to run FlexLM lmgrd. It is based on what others have written, and primarily based on Schrödinger, Inc.’s instructions.

The full write-up with the various files is at GitHub:

Outline of the steps:

  1. Create an unprivileged system user named flexlm to run the service
  2. Create an lmgrd.service service definition file to go into /etc/systemd/system
  3. Create a directory tree for the executables (lmgrd, lmutil, vendor daemons) and license files
  4. Create a /var/log subdirectory
And that is it.

At my site, this is currently running on a RHEL 8.1 server, serving an Intel Parallel Studio XE license.